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"Mindfulness is synergistic with virtually any psychotherapy. Combining mindfulness with psychotherapy may help you use more fully the opportunity for inner exploration that your therapy offers." - Tara Bennett-Goleman, author of Emotional Alchemy
Mindfulness in psychotherapy helps cultivate to the ability to be open-hearted and present, with the intention of providing better care to our clients and to take better care of ourselves. Mindfulness is at the core of ethical competence. This course will provide mental health professionals the skills and tools to become more mindful during clinical practice by developing a personal mindfulness meditation practice and exploring the therapeutic application of mindfulness in psychotherapy.

Here are a couple of links you might find interesting:
Mindfulness treatment as effective as CBT for depression, anxiety - Science Daily, Nov 2014

Promoting Mindfulness in Psychotherapists in Training Influences the Treatment Results of Their Patients: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study.

In our 8-week MBSR training for Mental Health Professionals, called Mindfulness & Psychotherapy, participants learn how to:
  • Revision their work from a focus on pathology to creating resonance and heart-felt responses to attachment needs.
  • Strengthen the foundation of compassion and awareness in themselves to create an ideal environment for their clients.
  • Enhance their ability to process ethical challenges more skillfully
  • Deepen resources - explore simple and useful tool to enhance well- being
Our Mindfulness & Psychotherapy course costs $650 and consists of eight weekly classes and guided meditations (mp3 format). The course begins on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. - noon.  The classes will be held consecutively for 8-weeks.  Micki Fine, M.Ed, L.P.C., founder of Mindful Living, a certified mindfulness meditation instructor and licensed professional counselor in Houston, Texas, will conduct this highly participatory and practical course.

Mindfulness is best understood through its practice. To benefit fully from MBSR training, participants are asked to commit themselves to practice mindfulness meditation from 45 to 60 minutes per day, and are coached to work gently and patiently with this commitment.

For more information on the background of MBSR, the benefits of mindfulness training,  research and resources - including the neuroscience of mindfulness...
...for our  
MBSR course designed especially for Mental Health Professionals.
This training is acceptable for up to 20.0 CEU credit hours, including 3.0 credit hours towards fulfilling the annual requirement for Ethics and/or professional responsibility education, for LPC, LMFT, Social Work and LCDC. 

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