Mindfulness Research & Resources

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"And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
and to know the place for the first time." - T. S. Eliot
Here is a wonderful new resource to explore: The American Mindfulness Research Association.  AMRA serves as a professional resource to the sciences and humanities, practice communities, and broader public on mindfulness from the perspective of contemplative practice.

And be sure to visit our friends:
Self-Compassion - Kristin Neff's site - A healthier way of relating to yourself
Patrice Gail - Massage therapist serving Houston, TX & Los Angeles, CA
Heidi Bourne - Terrific blog
Felix Scardino - Counselor in Houston, TX
Path of Tea - Organic tea shop in Houston, TX
Ben Carrettin's blog about mental health/addiction/wellness
Up: How Positive Outlook Can Transform Our Health and Aging - A new book by Hilary A. Tindle, M.D., M.P.H.
PainTamers - managing chronic pain - a book by Helen Dearman
Lucia McBee - Mindfulness for elders and special populations

Enjoy! And please know we are here to support you in developing your practice of mindfulness in any way we can.